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Laura Warf, Health and Happiness Coach, Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Fitness Instructor, Inspirational Speaker

Laura Warf has a Bachelor’s Degree in Education (Fitness) from McGill University, she is a trained coach with the certified coaches federation and a certified canfitpro fitness instructor. Laura is also the author of a mind-body specialist program, as well as a yoga-certified instructor tutored by Mark Whitwell, and a Canadian Certified Yoga Teacher CA-RYT-500. She has extensive training from the Kripalu yoga centre and is a certified Reiki practitioner.

Laura Warf Wellness

She is the founder and president of Laura Warf School of Happiness (previously Inspire-Action) which focuses on holistic fitness and wellness solutions. She offers services in life coaching, yoga, meditation, Reiki, stress reduction strategies, functional fitness and wellness programming. She teaches and inspires clients using her model “The 8 Essential Elements to Health and Happiness.”

Laura Warf, Passionate about Lifestyle Balance, Wellness, Yoga and Fitness

Laura draws upon her 24 years of teaching experience in the fitness industry, she is the former editor of Beyond Fitness magazine and continues to write for various publications. As a former recipient of the canfitpro presenter of the year award, she continues to teach and present at conferences and in corporations across the country. Laura is passionate about sharing her knowledge and she has an engaging and skillful approach to make fitness, yoga and wellness accessible to everyone.

More About Me

My Story

A Life-Long Interest in Fitness and Wellness

I have explored the fitness and wellness path all my life and have devoted myself to actively working in this industry for the past 24 years and have seen many trends come and go. The key to living long, staying fit and being happy includes a personal formula that encompasses the mind, body, heart and soul, along with proper progression and intensity for successful integration.


A Happier, Healthier, More Holistic Life

After many years of searching and trying all kinds of fitness and nutrition regimens and being too hard on myself, I finally discovered a healthy balance that feels just right. I now honour my body, trust its wisdom and have a better understanding of what it is asking for, from the right type of activity to the most nourishing and healing foods along with balancing mentally stimulating time with quiet meditative moments. All of this is to live a happier, healthier more holistic life.


Development of My 8 Essential Elements to Health and Happiness

I focus my attention on my own lifestyle balance and overall well-being through the integration of numerous techniques I have learned over the years. This has helped me not only to find the formula for myself but also to evaluate and ask the right questions to find just the right formula for each person I work with. This is what inspired the creation of my 8 Essential Elements to Health and Happiness.


My Community

Besides spending time with my family, my passion lies in networking with inspiring people with similar values along with guiding others on a journey of self-discovery and to empower people to live in greater harmony with themselves, their community and the planet through the practice of wellness.


Childhood in Rural Quebec

I have lived an active lifestyle all my life. My family owned over 96 acres of property in Lakefield, Quebec so I grew up as a country girl roaming the woods as early as six years old with my dog Albert (a loyal and playful Samoyd) and riding bareback on our horses as they grazed the property. Weekends were spent cheering my dad on at his baseball games. My mom even made us wear funky homemade bonnets on our heads claiming them to be good luck for the team. We looked a little silly, but we believed that it helped his team win!


Sports Involvement from Elementary School to University

In elementary school I got involved with the track and field team and cross country team along with other team sports. It was in high school that I was introduced to aerobics and weight training and immediately fell in love with those activities. I trained vigorously with a coach in body building as I entered CEGEP and university and also joined the rugby team and thought it was normal to feel sore all the time. Now I know better…


Swimming, Hiking, Cycling, Dog-Walking

I always maintained a training regimen but now opt for more functional training with an integration of cardiovascular training like swimming, hiking and cycling. I admit my favourite activities involve being outdoors in the woods or on the water with my dog Shiva (an energetic Golden Retriever) along with my yoga practice that varies day today to honour what my body, mind and soul are asking for.


Yoga Since 1997

I participated in my first yoga class in 1997 towards the end of university and immediately fell in love with the “yoga high”: a deeply contented feeling following the final relaxation period of the practice. I went on to attend a yoga conference at the Kripalu centre for yoga and health in Massachusetts in 2001 and every cell in my body resonated with a loud YES! Since that moment I committed to yearly teacher trainings in yoga and meditation for the following 14 years to absorb all I could in order to share the timeless teachings with others. This discipline has since opened me to the world of Reiki and energy work with various teachers, mentors and shamans which has sensitized me to my own intuition and the ability to assist others along their own healing journeys and spiritual quests.


Dealing with Back Pain and Anxiety

Since the age of 18 I have lived with chronic lower back pain along with bouts of anxiety. My own back issues prompted me to focus on discovering back care methods through collaborations with physiotherapists and osteopaths. As for the anxiety, I have learned what the triggers are for me along with efficient techniques to successfully manage it. There are several factors that contribute to anxiety and I have learned that when I balance my schedule effectively, participate in meaningful work with people I enjoy being with, along with maintaining a whole foods diet, regular exercise, meditation and quality sleep patterns along with “living in the now” and being in gratitude. I then feel happier, more optimistic, more energetic, and motivated to share what I have learned with others. When I stay true to my own personal practices I notice that I have a greater ability to flow through the ups and downs of life with greater awareness, grace and joy.


An Eternal Student

I will always remain a student of life, I love networking and exchanging with inspiring leaders, I am driven to always research new methods, and create new projects that will help others live a healthier happier life. Being active and inspired is what allows me to continually grow and evolve and subsequently share what I learn.

I am grateful to have been well guided and supported throughout my life by family, friends, mentors and teachers. I have had the experience of working for large organizations along with working in smaller teams and have enjoyed all my collaborations.


Paying Attention to Daily Thoughts, Choices and Actions

A pivotal quote changed my course of direction in 2013: “Build your own dream or someone will hire you to build theirs.” It is important for me to do what I love with people whom I trust. When the fun stops or if I am no longer evolving, I pay attention and make a move – as challenging as life transitions are, they are also highly rewarding. Our destiny is shaped through our consistent daily thoughts, choices and actions. My intention is to remain in alignment with my soul’s purpose. I trust that day by day, I am guided as long as I listen, trust and honour the voice that speaks to me through my heart, then cultivate the courage to keep moving forward.


Join Me!

I invite you to join me as I share the elements of a healthier, happier life in my signature programs around the globe so that you can also navigate your way through a full life with the tools you need to remain balanced, healthy and happy.


Laura Warf, Fitness and Yoga Teacher, Coach and Speaker


Professional Experience

May 2011 – September 2013; Community Manager at LOLË, Montreal, Qc

April 2003 – Present; Founder and President of Laura Warf School of Happiness (previously Inspire Action)

April 2004 – April 2008; Fitness Director at Interclub des Laurentides, Piedmont, Qc

March 2003 – May 2007; Editor at BeyondFitness magazine, Montreal, Qc

January 2004 – May 2005; Physical Education Teacher at Champlain College, St-Lambert, Qc

October 2002 – April 2003; Regional Group Exercise Coordinator The GoodLife Fitness Clubs, Pointe-Claire, Qc

August 2001 – May 2003; Physical Education Teacher at Marianopolis College, Westmount, Qc

November 1998 – October 2002; General Manager at The GoodLife Fitness Clubs, Pointe-Claire, Qc

November 1996 – November 1998 Fitness Director at Club SouthWest One, Pointe-Claire, Qc

May 1994 – November 1996 Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor at Club SouthWest One, Pointe-Claire, Qc



McGill University Bachelor of Education (Fitness Specialty)

Montreal, Quebec 1993-1997

Certifications and Specialties

Certified Coach (Certified Coaches Federation)

Shamanic Practitioner

Yoga teacher (Mark Whitwell 200 hour; Kripalu center for Yoga and health)

CA-RYT-500 (Canadian Registered Yoga Teacher)

Reiki Practitioner (Level 1 & 2)

Group cycling instructor (Keiser & Schwinn)

Personal trainer (McGill, canfitpro),

Fitness instructor (canfitpro)

Workshop facilitator

Creator and lead author of CFP MBS (canfitpro Mind-Body certification)

Master trainer and presenter for the Bender method

CPR and defibrillator

Member of canfitpro

Member of IDEA health and fitness association

Certified CPAFLA (The Canadian Physical Activity, Fitness and Lifestyle Appraisal) fitness testing and counseling


National Presenter

canfitpro (Canadian Association of Fitness Professionals)

APFA (American Fitness professionals & Associates)


Energie Cardio

Corporate events

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