12 Week Holistic Program

Laura’s 12-week Program to Health and Happiness

The path to ultimate wellness! Do you want to look better, feel better, be more joyful, stress less, and have more energy throughout the day? This group program is a transformational and empowering way to improve your quality of life on so many levels. You will learn my 8 Essential Elements to Health and Happiness, increase your level of self-awareness and receive valuable life tools that you can use to support you through all life’s ups and downs. A balanced life is a happier life. Inquire about how you can get started.

What people are saying about Laura’s 12 week program:

“This program gave me the tools needed to live a healthier, well-balanced, and positive lifestyle. From skills to successfully deal with stress, to an understanding of how to use food and exercise to increase my energy levels, this program has helped me to become healthy in ways I hadn’t previously considered.”

“I am more lighthearted and I hear myself laughing more, which is absolutely wonderful! Thank you so much for your inspiration in every way. Laura, I feel so blessed to have been a part of this extraordinary course!”

“I left each session feeling more relaxed, calm, clear minded, empowered, inspired and part of a community. More than I had bargained for!
I really looked forward to chatting with Laura. Our coaching calls were reassuring and encouraging and offered new insight or ways of reframing old, unproductive self-talk.”

“I really enjoyed the play to make your day class. I had a ton of fun! It felt like a celebration of the community that developed throughout Laura’s program.”

Discover the 8 Essential Elements to Health and Happiness

De-stress, feel better, look better and live more joyfully

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Laura Warf’s method employs a holistic wellness model based on tools from ancient teachings all the way up to today’s current research to inspire you to take charge of your well-being. She will empower you to identify and take care of all aspects of your personal wellness; physical, psychological and spiritual. You will receive support to help you align with optimal health, happiness and wellness through the application of new habits that will lead you towards feeling more confident, energized, positive and calm.

The 12 week program begins with an initial consultation and coaching session with Laura followed by individual coaching calls to help keep you on track and also includes a weekly empowering group session with other people who are just like you on the quest to be their best.

Please contact Laura at laura@laurawarf.com to set up a phone interview to ensure that you are a candidate for this program.