90-Minute Workshops

Workshops at your door step

Are you looking for a condensed version of my holistic program that can still help balance your lifestyle and give you more energy and purpose? I also give 90-minute workshops that can address every section of my “8 Essential Elements to Health and Happiness.”
Whether you’d like for me to speak in your workplace, yoga studio, community centre or elsewhere, please get in touch! I’d be happy to speak in Canadian cities and beyond.

Healthy, Happy Habits with Laura Warf

Stress less with Laura Warf’s approach to daily health and happiness. Learn tips and techniques to keep your energy elevated, your mood stable and your productivity soaring. Laura draws upon a holistic wellness model based on tools from ancient teachings all the way up to today’s current research to inspire you to take charge of your well-being in your life and at work and align with optimal health and happiness.

From Busy Body to Balanced Body

Take time out to tune in to yourself. We will review universal laws such as: the law of polarity, the law of universal balance and the law of mentalism. Sensitize yourself to what you are creating in your life consciously and unconsciously. Evaluate your life balance with the help of Laura’s 8 Essential Elements to Health and Happiness and discover what areas of your life are in need of attention.  Learn how to “Be Here Now”, to witness your thoughts, and learn how to reprogram old belief patterns that are keeping you stuck.  You will leave this session with tools on how to balance your mind, body and energy leaving you feeling more attuned, centered and productive.

Space between Stress and Bliss

Based on Laura’s TEDx Mont Tremblant Femmes talk. Discover the fine line that exists between experiencing symptoms of stress versus living with greater joy on a more consistent basis. Uncover the answer to what lies between these two states of being and how we can take greater control of our lives. Evaluate your stress level and gain a greater understanding of what stress is all about and why it is not the problem. Find out what happens when the body experiences consistent stress responses versus states of well-being and how you can learn to make the shift.  Leave with tips and tools to reduce stress enabling you to live with less reactivity, greater self-awareness and steady feelings of bliss.

Living Yoga On and Off the Mat

Yoga is for everybody, and this session will meet you exactly where you are now to provide deep insight into its healing properties. Demystify the 5000 year old spiritual tradition originating in India which began as a meditation practice to still the restless mind.  We will explore Dr. Bali’s method who teaches yoga as a prescription for human wellness and that we all have the ability to learn how to heal ourselves and balance all aspects of our being. When we are more relaxed and joyful, we project ourselves differently in the world. Discover how to tap into the technology within you. This session is practical in nature and will teach you how to tame your mind and improve the resiliency of your body leaving you feeling naturally more energized and mentally focused.

The Magic of Meditation

The practice of meditation is about observing, taming and clearing the mind.  Would you like to become a better version of yourself and live more harmoniously in all areas of your life? Dispel the cloud of confusion regarding meditation.  Meditation assists in reducing emotional responses such as: reactivity, stress, anxiety, depression and promotes the benefits of more emotional stability, authentic joy, a greater ability to concentrate, improved quality sleep and assists you to become more in touch with yourself and your purpose in life.  Learn how to steady the mind, connect with inner stillness and discover the infinite well of wisdom that lies within. Leave with a step by step approach to meditation and how to include it in your own life. When the obstacles in life are confronted with a serene mind, we live more happily.

Manifest your Desires though Chakra Clearing

Chakra is a Sanskrit word for wheel or disk and serve as junction points between the body and consciousness. They are designed to receive, assimilate and express our vital life energy.  Gain a deeper understanding regarding energy anatomy and how to manifest your desires using the energy centers of the body. Participate in an experiential routine to connect, clear and energize your chakras by stimulating the subtle energy body to encourage the flow of prana. With consistent and sustained practice, the possibility for expanded consciousness and a vital, healthy body and mind is enhanced.

Just Breathe!

Learn simple techniques that can be done anywhere and anytime to breathe more effectively. Discover how just a few minutes of daily focused breathing can help alleviate tension, decrease stress, improve your mood, increase mental clarity and focus along with elevating your energy levels.  Learn how to include a breathing practice into your day, when and where to use it and which ones you should do if you are looking to relax, clear your mind or increase your energy.  You will leave with new techniques to add to your wellness tool box.

FUNctionally Fit

Perform better in your day to day activities. Look and feel better, fire up your core strength and improve your posture, balance and coordination.  Functional fitness exercises are designed to train and develop your muscles to make it easier and safer to perform everyday movement patterns while reducing your risk of injury.  When properly applied, integrated exercises can help improve your quality of life and leave you feeling more energized rather than feeling depleted. Discover Laura’s Top 5 Functional Fitness moves that can be done in the comfort of your home, hotel or back yard. Find out the 7 top reasons to get fit, the 3 planes of movement, 4 easy stretches and 3 quick energizers that will reduce tension and unleash your energy in just minutes.

Recover with Rest & Relaxation

Relaxation relieves stress, which is known to contribute to disease. True relaxation is something that is practiced and cultivated with the goal of stimulating the relaxation response.  Learn relaxation techniques and stress-releasing strategies to stimulate the body’s relaxation response and result in slower breathing, lower blood pressure, and a feeling of increased well-being. By resting and relaxing, you’ll improve your mood, be able to focus better, get higher quality sleep, increase energy, and reduce anxiety, impatience and fluctuating emotions.  Learn the top 5 benefits of deep rest and relaxation, how to tap into the relaxation response, and uncover the number one technique to reduce stress and improve your overall well-being leading you towards even greater productivity and success.

Play to make your day

According to the National Institute for Play, play is the gateway to vitality. Play is now included in the culture of some of North Americas top corporations and has shown to improve morale and the ability to focus amongst employees, resulting in a direct influence on organizational success. Relearn what came naturally as a child. Actively playing will improve your mood and make you smarter and less stressed. Play will not only give your immune system a boost, but promote a sense of belonging and community as well to assist in keeping your work environment more harmonious and cooperative. Get ready to unleash the child within in this fun session that includes some old school movement games!

The Nature Connection

Connecting to nature has a positive influence on our health, happiness and vitality. Taking time in natural environments has been shown to promote positive emotions and is associated with heightened physical and mental energy. Spending more time in nature near trees and large bodies of water also promotes our antioxidant defence system leading us back into a state of inner harmony. Nature helps counterbalance prolonged exposure to our indoor electronic devices, along with wifi signals and other electromagnetic frequencies, which can have damaging effects on our health. Gain a greater understanding to how the modernized world and technology is affecting our health and acquire practical techniques that you can do to harmonize your energy field with the natural frequencies of the earth leaving you feeling more calm, centered and balanced.

Living with Passion & Purpose

People from all walks of life share an innate drive for meaning, direction and purpose. Explore the path to true happiness with Laura as she shares ancient wisdom teachings combined with the happiness science of today. This session will unveil the Law of Dharma, top tips from the positive psychology movement, and how to commit to living an authentic meaningful life. Learn the top 5 happiness habits to align yourself with a healthier, happier and more balanced life today.

Laura Warf, B.Ed. McGill (Fitness), coach, canfitpro FIS, MBS, Reiki, RYT-500
Laura is an inspiring speaker and educator having presented at various events and conferences for over 20 years. She is known for her passionate ability to engage audiences with energy and enthusiasm which contributed to her becoming a former recipient of the canfitpro presenter of the year award.
She has a fitness education degree from McGill, certifications and training as a fitness specialist, life coach, yoga and meditation teacher, Reiki practitioner and energy therapist.
Drawing upon her background in mind-body-heart integration, she authentically leads individuals and groups through transformational experiences. She currently coaches live and online internationally using her “8 essential elements to health and happiness”.