Testimonials About Laura Warf’s Services in Health and Wellness


As a working mom, I am constantly on the run and busy taking care of other people.  Laura’s program helped me to realize where the “balance” in my life had been pulled off-track over the last few years.  Laura explores the wide range of tools and techniques that we can choose from, to help improve the way that we use our time.  The choices that we make are up to each one of us, in order to achieve our own idea of living a happy and healthy life —  we do this not just for ourselves, but ultimately, for the other people in our lives.

-Julie V.


This course will challenge you to identify all aspects of personal wellness – spiritual, physical, psychological – and supports you through your plan to nurture your needs. You learn to develop habits that will strengthen ways to feel more confident, energized, positive and calm.

-Susan E.


What attracted me to this program was its 360 degree approach to health, fitness, and well-being. From nutritional tips and tricks to develop functional fitness to strategies for staying focused and balanced, and spiritual teachings from culturally-diverse ancient philosophies, along with weekly individual check-ins with Laura, this program walks the talk of holistic health.

-Isabelle K.


Laura’s 8 essential elements to well-being is the whole package. She gives you all the tools you need to help you take care of your body, mind and soul. When I signed up I was surprised to discover that what I thought I needed was vastly different from what I really needed. I immediately started seeing the benefits as soon as I started to incorporate some of these key essential elements into my lifestyle.

-Gayle H.


I did feel “in limbo!” and Laura’s 12 week holistic program has taught me to step to the beat of my own drum with the special tools that I have acquired after her introduction to a blissful mind, body and soul journey. I feel that my outlook is different, less reactive and more open, less trying to control and going more with the flow; I am more lighthearted and I hear myself laughing more, which is absolutely wonderful! Thank you so much for your inspiration in every way, Laura. I feel so blessed to have been a part of this extraordinary workshop!

-Shelley K.


I was first attracted to Laura’s program because it is a complete health program that address the whole person. Laura’s program addressed not only qualities of physical health, but also emotional, spiritual and mental health. She provided me with the tools needed to address anxiety, and to cope with life’s stresses. Laura’s techniques are simple, but very effective. Moreover, I believe that she introduced techniques that I will be able to continue well beyond the end of the program. I now have more energy, and a more positive way of dealing with stressful situations. Laura’s program made me feel more confident.

-Marie N.


This program leads you on a spiritual journey if you just let it! It provided me with all necessary tools and more to make positive changes in all areas of my life. I felt ready before, guided and supported throughout, and prepared for being on my own after. I observed great changes: body, I lost 11 lbs; mind, I had tools to breathe to become calmer and more balanced and my spirit expanded and became blissfully happy. Nothing more I could have asked from myself and this 12 week Program.

-Bianca H.


I joined this program as I had become more active in my life (yoga, bike riding, jogging, etc.) but I wanted to balance that out with healthy eating. In my mind, those were the only two things that encompassed a healthy and balanced life. While we did have sessions on nutrition and exercise, the greatest impact on me were the sessions on deep breathing, meditating, involving “play time” in my life and finding the balance between stress and bliss. The courses that Laura taught were eye-opening, insightful, informative and always fun. I felt like she genuinely cared for our well-being; the amount of preparation and energy she put into each topic was boundless. I truly feel that if I continue to practise what I learned, I will not only be a healthier version of myself, but more importantly, a happier one.

-Ana M.


After taking Laura’s 12-week holistic program, I feel more confident and energized. Whether it’s making time for preparing whole foods, doing fitness exercises or becoming aware of my breathing patterns, I’ve been encouraged and inspired to take better care of myself. Laura’s guidance has made a positive impact on my lifestyle.

-Catherine J.

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